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March 23,2015
Angelina Valentine In Carried Away

category: Babe

What a naughty little, latin kitten we have here. You can feel that lust for sex, when you look in her eyes. She definitely looks like someone who almost begs to get her pussy that's on fire right now, to be plugged with some hard meat. That's why she couldn't help but please herself in these shots, as well, cause the feeling was probably mighty unbearable. Looking at how hot this brunette babe is, and what a sexy, skinny body she has, I'd definitely would've helped her in that. So what's gonna happen is that she'll give us a hot stripping from that bra and that sexy micro-skirt, right down to naked, and when she's finally undressed, she'll have herself an intense masturbation. Fingering that pussy with the intent to try and sate it's hunger a little, and for our own enjoyment. Best is, when she goes in a doggy pose and shows us that sweet, shaved pussy, while spreading those juicy pussy-lips. She even gave us a few really good closeup shot of it, as well. As for her tits, well, it's safe to say that they're quite the big tits she has there and they look really amazing. Unfortunately or not however, they're also fake tits. But they still look like something I'd give a hot, steamy kiss to.

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February 21,2016
Angelina Valentine Dildoing Herself

category: Babe